Since I joined the MUGU Company Club, I meet interesting people and my education grew intensely. It's incredible!

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MUGU Company Club

Do you enjoy teaching? Learning? Discussing?

The mission of the MUGU Company Club is to unite its members through social interactions to create a sociable environment for commited humanists and the surrounding community.

The MUGU Company Club is a branch of the International Freemasonry Association IFA.

Meetings are held every Tuesday at the Old Thraford Hotel (Lagos).


Board of Directors:

President - Olawade Essam
Vice President - Lekan Kagome
Secretary - Afam Abukomo
Treasurer - Nelson Matesun
Public Relations - Adamu Odowa


Anyone is welcome to join!

Whether you are a businessman or a lawyer, a scientist or a commercial employee - all are welcome!

  • MUGU Company Club |
  • 19 Ikechukwu Ohanka Street |
  • Lagos / Nigeria